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About The SPBF

Who we are
SPBF provides white-collar boxing. Although white-collar boxing can often be mixed up with illegal boxing, it is actually another form of unlicensed boxing, and depending on the promoter, it is as near safe to amateur and professional boxing.

The SPBF will have a referee in and out of the ring with extensive knowledge of the sport and all boxers before any match will go through a strict medical to make sure they are as prepared as they can be for the fight. This will provide the best contest possible for both the boxers and the audience.

How to join us
If you leave your contact details with us (on the SPBF contact page) then one of our SPBF promoters will get back to you as soon as possible.

Licence fees
When you have paid your licence fee, you will then be put into a database and matched up to the most suitable opposition for you to box by our SPBF promoters.


During any contests, there will be both medics if the boxers get injured during or after the fight and fully trained paramedics on site.

Boxers will also be offered the best gloves and head guard for their own safety. It is however up to the individual to want to use them. If they do not, then they will have to sign a disclaimer. The SPBF encourages all fighters to wear the equipment that best protects them.

The SPBF will keep fights to a maximum of 3 rounds for standard contests however it will be 4 rounds for title matches.

To qualify for a title fight, you MUST have had a minimum of three amateur or SPBF contests, you can then be eligible for an area title shot which will take place over 4 by 2 minute rounds.

After winning the area title fight, you will then be eligible for a British title shot in that weight. When won, the champion will then get to keep the championship belt until he is next required to defend it.

The Champion must bring the belt into the right to be handed over to an official to be handed to the SPBF title winner of that fight.

The SPBF referee’s score the fights and promoters and union officials will watch this closely. Anyone that fights for the SPBF title will be entitled to a fair decision for the fight.

A show in your area
The SPBF can put a show on in your area. If you contact us through the contact page on this website, one of our promoters will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here at the SPBF, we want to ensure that there is confidence in both our boxers and promoters to put on the best contests possible. Although we do want to put on great shows, health and safety will always come first, which is why we have put such placements in place before fights. Some promoters are known for just wanting to make some quick money. Here it isn’t about the money, it is about the sport and that is what we are constantly aiming to make the SPBF about.


Featured Boxer

Born, 28/12/1985, Gavin started his boxing career in Birmingham’s Hall Green boxing club, where he won the 4 nations championship in 2005 as well as the English ABA championship in 2005 and 2007.

Do You Want To Box?

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world, and it's also a sport where people respect those who participate in it. It's a noble art form, and to participate in it requires a level of bravery and fitness that most people just simply don't have. However, thanks to the SPBF, competing for local, national and international titles is now more accessible to those who wish to be the best.