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Kenny Anderson needs to ignore Groves’ feints and go for the head

If Kenny Anderson (16-1, 12 KO’s) wants to know what the blueprint is to beat British super middleweight champion George Groves (14-0, 11 KO’s) in their fight later on this month on June 30th, Anderson only has to follow the game plan put together by James DeGale in his fight against Groves in May of last year.

DeGale created the book on how to spank Groves, and that’s by ignoring all those useless feints he likes to use repeatedly and just plow ahead and look to take his head off. What DeGale showed was that if you ignore Groves’ 24/7 feints and just go after him trying to land shots, you’ll fight well enough to deserve the win. I’m not saying that Anderson will get the win 100%, because he will after all be coming over from Scotland to take the fight against Groves in England.

It might take a knockout for Anderson to ensure that he gets the ‘W.’ Just beating Groves probably won’t be enough, because it’ll be a home fight. Anderson will have ton go for Groves’ head and look to KO him if he wants to make sure he comes out the victor.

DeGale took it easy on Groves in the first four rounds of their fight last year. But from round five on, DeGale was pushing the action and really pounding Groves.

Groves reminds me of David Haye with all the running he does. He likes to hit and run, and that style is so awful to look at.

Anderson only has to go right after Groves and constantly put pressure on to where Groves’ never-ending feints with be completely useless to him. If Anderson is forcing Groves to fight instead of just faking like he’s going to throw shots but not actually doing it, we could see a nice easy win for Anderson in this fight. Anderson needs to get to Groves early before he starts to run out of gas.

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